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Site Developments


Vision of the New Museums Site [Image courtesy of Bennetts Associates]


The University of Cambridge’s successes are evidenced by a high global ranking, reflecting our strong academic and research performance. However, because our global pre-eminence will be challenged both internationally and domestically, standing still is not an option. We must never stop adapting and developing. Our buildings and our infrastructure must support and reflect our mission to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels.

The University’s health is closely linked to that of the city; a world class academic institution draws the best minds, who in turn draw world class companies and jobs, driving the region’s rich culture across the arts and sciences. The University recognises this link and the obligations it places on us. We will thrive only by contribution to the economy, social fabric, environment and culture of the city and the wider region.

Any University redevelopment must protect the city’s history, enhance its accessibility and improve the urban experience for both visitors and residents. We must ensure that the city remains a beautiful place to live and work, whilst also providing us with the modern accommodation and state-of-the art teaching and research facilities that are essential if we are to attract and retain the best students and academics.

We must celebrate our past success, yet we cannot take it for granted.  The competition and challenges are intense, both for the University and the city, and we will need to continue to work in close partnership to adapt, develop and thrive.